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Having Lunch with our Officers!

This past school year, Consort has been fortunate to share lunch with our local officers! Each month, a different class gets the honour of hosting a local RCMP officer (or two) for a lunchtime Q&A. Our intention for this program is to bridge the gap between the children and law enforcement in an effort to make them comfortable, and to teach them about dealing with emergency situations.

It has been a very informative year for the kids - and a very entertaining one for the rest of us! We have heard many serious questions, and many of the children excitedly tell the officers that they want to be RCMP when they get older! Each group has been very concerned about the officers' pet situation, and which sports team is their favourite. And the kids really light up when the officers' start talking about working with the K9 dogs (which are trained in Innisfail, we learned with the grade 2 class). It has been a lot of fun!

The Neutral Hills Learning Centre has been pleased to partner with Project Reach and the Consort School this year. And a special thank you to the local officers from Consort and Coronation! We appreciate you more than you know!

Next year we will draw for Altario or Veteran School!

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